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Staff Spotlight – Julianna Silva

Julianna Silva

What a great way to start off our 2018 blog series, featuring Managing Director, Julianna Silva.  Julianna started at WESST in 2011 as the Albuquerque Regional Manager and Marketing Director and is currently the Managing Director of the WESST Enterprise Center in Albuquerque. 

What made you want to come to work for WESST?

I told this story a few weeks ago about being clear with intentions. I had taken a class at WESST in 2009 when our furniture business was undergoing a transition. During the class, I learned all about what WESST does to help small businesses. What impressed me more was the “Why” and the “How” of how they do it and at that moment I had a very clear thought that if I ever decided to work for an organization, WESST would be that place! After an interesting chain of events, I began working at WESST in 2011 and I am so grateful every day that I get to help New Mexico small businesses.

What was your very first job?

My very first paying job was working at a small retail store in Old Town on San Felipe street. I was so happy that in my first week on the job, I was able to sell a lovely (high-dollar) jewelry set to a visitor from Mexico. I was the only one in the store that knew how to speak Spanish (whew!)

What’s your favorite part of working here?

I am so grateful that I am working at WESST and my favorite parts are: (1) I get to collaborate, brainstorm, and work with the most amazing, brilliant and creative staff and partners in our community; (2) WESST supports so many smart, committed and hard-working small business owners and I get to do my part helping them learn new tools, reflect on what’s working and what’s not, find solutions to everyday problems and, in whatever way I can, give them a boost of inspiration to make their lives great.

What do you do when you are not working?

Think about work, ha! Mainly, it’s because I don’t think of what I do at WESST as “work.” It’s an integral part of what I enjoy doing every day, all the time. I love to learn about philosophies, methods and tools to deeply connect to our natural talents, skills and passions in order to create a way to share that with the world. Creating a business is one way and there are many others. So, toward that end, I read, I engage with mobile learning apps, and spend time with my husband and son who are brilliant and teach me something every day. And, to balance all the thinking, I run (because of our wonderful client, Pamela Otero), and I do kettlebells because of another great business in town, Firebellz.

What do you wish people knew about WESST?

I wish everyone knew that we are here to work together with our clients to find a pathway that makes sense for them. We have years of experience and commitment to listening, learning, sharing, inspiring and working really hard to help small businesses of all types be successful, however it is that they define success. And, we illuminate for them pathways that they may have never imagined so they can reach their highest potential. Our staff has expertise in so many areas of business and if we don’t have the expertise on staff, we go out and find it and help our clients access those resources. I wish they also knew that we are a statewide organization and that it’s really easy to become a WESST “client” by: emailing us, submitting an online inquiry to learn more about business consulting or business loans, attending a workshop or by just picking up the phone and calling us to find out more.