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Google for Entrepreneurs

How Google for Entrepreneurs is Helping Startups Succeed»

According to statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), approximately half of small business start-ups fail after five years. Google is on a mission to improve those statistics.

Gail Jenkins, Owner of Handigirl Landscaping

A Woman’s Story of Self Sufficiency»

The impact of WESST’s programs on the lives of female clients who ‘ve achieved self sufficiency can best be shown through the stories from the women themselves. This summer, one such woman shared her story at a United Way of Central New Mexico’s Women in Philanthropy ceremony.

next generation ahead

How to Manage the Challenges of a Changing Workforce»

Workforce expectations have changed with the introduction of Generations X and Y. As the Boomers retire, and more of the younger generations come onboard, it’s important for businesses to understand those people and what motivates them.

input, process, output

How to Simplify + Standardize Tasks with IPO (Input, Process, Output)»

IPO is the perfect way to write tasks so that supervisors can supervise, trainers can train, employees can consistently perform that task the “same” way, and HR Representatives or Owners can easily evaluate jobs for complexity or reclassification.

Get Your Business Online

Google’s Get Your Business Online Program Offers Free Websites to New Mexico Small Businesses»

Nearly 55% of New Mexico small businesses do not have a website. Google would like to change that with its Get Your Business Online program, a global initiative to help small business owners launch their own websites…

No negative thoughts

3 Tips for Overcoming Negative Thinking in the Workplace»

We all have people in our lives, who for any number of reasons (i.e., jealousy, fear, ignorance, etc.) try to sabotage your success by telling you your ideas won’t work. So, how do you overcome their negativity?

Stellar supervisor

Becoming a Star Supervisor Part 2: Six Key Skills»

In Becoming a Star Supervisor Part 1, I addressed the importance of formal supervisor training in employee retention. This week’s post shares six critical skills supervisors should master to keep employees happy and productive.

Stellar supervisor

Becoming a Star Supervisor: Part 1»

Far too often, the best worker is promoted without being developed and nobody wins. Unfortunately, without coaching and training, supervisors can fail miserably. Employees leave due to dissatisfaction and the supervisor feels powerless to stop it.

No more free lunch

Don’t Give Your Business Away»

All too often, family and friends of business owners expect (and receive) free services and/or products. Over time, these giveaways could cause the owner to eventually lose the business.

Putting Your Customers First

Putting Your Customers First Can Put Your Company on Top»

When asked to describe his company’s “bread and butter,” one service business owner answered, “my expertise with chemicals and my certifications.” When asked the same question, a competitor replied…