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Rio Rancho Region Client ProfileCircle Round Boutique

Michelle Martin - Circle Round Boutique

Circle Round Boutique is a boutique, gallery and healing space, which offers distinctive one-of-a-kind items, local artistry, jewelry, pottery, books, clothing, and a variety of organic bulk teas and herbs which can be challenging for local residents to find.  Keeping with the sort of eclectic, diverse community that is Corrales, she strives to offer locally sourced, unique items for both the local community and its visitors.  

Michelle Martin, Owner of Circle Round Boutique, had owned a much smaller version of a comparable business, Serendipity, in Truth or Consequences. After relocating to Rio Rancho, she had hoped to re-open a similar shop, but the opportunity wasn’t available at that time, and so she put that dream aside. Michelle, a Licensed Massage Therapist, moved her practice from Rio Rancho to an office located in the back portion of the shop in Corrales, on a tip from one of her clients.  Upon entering the space that is now the boutique, she immediately felt the warm and welcoming spirit of the shop, and knew that the place was something special, which reminded her of a quote she had seen some time ago, “Leap and the net will appear.” Little did she know that her dream of having a shop again would come to fruition. Now, several years and jobs later she was given the opportunity to take ownership of the business where she was renting space working as a Massage Therapist.

Timing, opportunity, and funding were her primary challenges leading up to the purchase. Due to the previous owner’s tight timeframe for making the deal, Michelle had to quickly find the funding necessary to turn her dream into a reality. The timing of her opening also turned out to be an additional unexpected challenge. She was only open two and a half weeks when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and had to close the shop to the public. Michelle was forced to pivot and focus on establishing her online presence quickly during the shutdown. Supply chain and inventory management have also been challenges due to her diverse and eclectic inventory and her focus on locally sourced products.

For Michelle, opening her business presented a variety of challenges that, with WESST’s assistance, she has or is overcoming.  These challenges include:  Business plan development, startup assistance including funding, marketing, general business advice, trademarking her business name and logo, and COVID-19 funding help. 

Michelle’s business has had a continuous draw of customers since opening. In the near future she looks forward to hiring a full-time employee to help with the retail side of the business, allowing her more time to spend on client service (massage and bodywork), marketing, and driving sales growth.  Michelle overcame the timing challenges of opening the business by initially focusing on her online presence.  With no prior experience, she built and grew her online boutique and is actively promoting her business on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Biz.  She is excited to be able to offer distinctive, locally sourced products, and support local artisans and makers.