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Roswell Region Client ProfileJennifer Homes, LLC

Jennifer Homes, LLC

Jennifer Tenorio, of Jennifer Homes, always had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur! Being an educator for many years supplemented the family’s income, but did not quell her deep desire to own a business. Her husband worked and honed his skills in the construction industry, proving to be instrumental in the business they chose to start.

While she learned the ins and outs of the construction industry, she realized one area of the business, crucial to its success, was managing the business finances. She needed to get a handle on understanding and setting up the financials. She took advantage of a three-day QuickBooks training at WESST. This class enabled her to have, at her fingertips, the financial picture of her business at any given time, which in turn allows her to make the necessary business decisions in a timely fashion.

During the course of consultations and trainings at WESST, she was directed to a resource within the SBA, and is applying for her 8A certification. She has also been chosen to participate in an in-depth program sponsored by the SBA known as the Emerging Leaders class. Over the course of seven months, Jennifer will participate in this class where she will work with experienced mentors, attend specialized workshops and develop connections with her peers, city leaders, and the financial community. The curriculum enables businesses like Jennifer Homes to engage in focused development and expansion strategies. Jennifer attended her first introductory class in March of 2017. Jennifer knows what an honor it is to be chosen by the SBA to participate in this class, and knows that she will make great strides within her company along the way.

Jennifer is living the dream! Being an entrepreneur feeds her passion of helping people and making a difference in people’s lives, with both her customers and employees. As the consummate professional, she leads her employees by example. She feels that empowering her workforce by using positive reinforcement, encouraging personal growth and development, and encouraging pride in their work only makes Jennifer Homes head and shoulders above the competition.