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Right now small businesses throughout New Mexico continue to take a serious hit.  But they’re not backing down and WESST is proud to stand beside them, providing guidance and resources in their time of need.  Please join us in boosting these engines of local economies by shopping for their goods and services. 

With your support, we can help them keep fighting.  Together we can do this! 

Legacy Tree Company
Harrison O’Connor
(360) 603-8272

Legacy Tree Company provides full service tree trimming and tree removal for the Albuquerque area. Harrison O’Connor is an arborist who is passionate about trees and their care. He takes the time to walk homeowners through the process of trimming and caring for trees, and when appropriate, partial or full removal. As an owner-operator with low overhead, and a lean operation, he is able to keep his prices reasonable and affordable, while not compromising the quality of the work.

If you need tree care as we head into Fall and Winter (the best time for tree maintenance), please patronize this wonderful WESST client, Legacy Tree Company. 

Runway Hair Studio
Natalie and Mike Tobin
(505) 859-4378

Runway Hair Studio, is an Aveda hair salon that provides a variety of services including haircuts, barber cuts, steam towel shaves, styling, coloring, Pamasana Scalp treatments, Botanical Conditioning treatments, makeup touch ups, scalp, neck, shoulder and hand massages, and waxing.

From passionate and precise stylists to our high-quality Aveda products, you know you are getting the very best at Runway Hair Studio!

Albuquerque Career Coaching
Jennifer Spoelma
(505) 225-3002

You are completely capable of building a life and career you love with impact and purpose–all while having fun and Albuquerque Career Coaching is here to be your guide.

Jennifer coaches multi-passionate, multi-skilled individuals to help them gain clarity about their strengths, values and career goals. From there, she coaches them through the process of articulating their personal brand and every step of the way until they find and land their ideal job.

If you’re currently weighing a big career decision take their “What Style Decision Maker Are You?” quiz to learn about your decision-making style’s strengths and weaknesses before making your next move.

Mention the WESST Help Clients’ Sales RISE program and receive a 15% off career coaching services. Discount can be applied to any 1-on-1 career coaching package or service including resume, cover letter and LinkedIn services.

Magic Mirror Photobooth NM
Keiosha Miller
(505) 573-1908

Are you looking for fun entertainment? Magic Mirror Photobooth has got you covered! They offer an interactive photo booth, bounce castle, water slides, obstacle courses and snow cones and/or cotton candy concession rentals.

Magic Mirror Photobooth offers an interactive selfie experience with their mirror-design photo booth. Unlike traditional photo booths, you stand in front of an interactive full-length mirror with a user-friendly touch-screen to start the timer and take your photos. The screen includes animations to help guests use the booth and print their favorite photos.

They are all about having fun, providing a professional level of product and service, and creating a wildly enjoyable experience. 

WESST Client Directory

Our clients are working hard to stay in business and would love to serve you.  

When you have the opportunity to shop local, we hope you’ll consider a WESST small business client.  Not only will you support the local economy by purchasing from a business in your area, you will also support the livelihoods of these entrepreneurs’ families and dreams.

You can help small businesses when they need it the most

Our clients across all sectors are feeling the repercussions of COVID-19 as they continue to shift how they serve their customers in response to this pandemic.

Individuals across our community are wondering how they can support small businesses so they aren’t forced to shut their doors.

Support WESST Clients by Supporting WESST!