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WESST Client Profiles

Dr. Lisabeth Detwiler

Albuquerque Region | Zentral Wellness»

Lisabeth hopes to help not only her patients, but as many people in the community as possible, to reach the goal of using safe and effective natural medicine as an alternative to traditional medicine.

RoofCARE Graduation

Albuquerque Region | RoofCARE»

RoofCARE is a New Mexico-based roofing contractor specializing in alternatives to roof replacement and preventing roof failure. The company’s initial management team consisted of three partners, two with extensive experience…

Gail Golden

Santa Fe Region | Gail Golden Jewelry»

In her state-of-the-art studio, Gail designs and creates her one of a kind collection of fine jewelry ensembles that combine semi-precious and precious stones with a range of metals.

Jessica Radojits

Farmington Region | Hair West Salon»

With several years of experience under her belt, a strong service ethic, a loyal customer base and a mind for marketing, Jessica’s realized her dream – owning and operating her own salon.