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WESST Client Profiles

Rochelle Williams

Albuquerque Region | Construction Reporter»

The only locally owned-and-operated business of its kind in New Mexico, the company publishes an online bid calendar that covers public and private commercial construction projects out for bid in New Mexico and surrounding areas.

Tina Cleveland and Marie Lapina

Albuquerque Region | Medical Practice Solutions»

Medical Practice Solutions streamlines the medical billing and credentialing processes in order to increase revenues for their clients. Their four main services include medical billing, patient accounting, medical provider credentialing, and consulting.

Juanita Finger

Roswell Region | Tokay Bead Art»

Through a series of phone discussions between Ms. Finger and WESST consultants in Roswell and Santa Fe, WESST provided ideas and resources to help Ms. Finger increase name awareness for her business and expand her market beyond the southeastern New Mexico region.

Silvia Terrazas

Las Cruces Region | Video Exitos, Inc.»

In 2000, Silvia, with her Employment Authorization Card in hand, came to WESST for a loan to open a video rental store. She had been a seasoned businesswoman in Mexico, so, she knew the industry. In New Mexico, however, she had to learn about business (taxes, codes, bookkeeping).

Nancy Judd

Santa Fe Region | Recycle Runway»

Nancy Judd, Principal of Recycle Runway™ of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the quintessential entrepreneur. In 2007, Nancy Judd started Recycle Runway, an environmental education entity that uses fabulous couture garments that Nancy creates from recycled “stuff” to capture the attention of people worldwide.

Diane Barrett

Las Cruces Region | Diane’s Restaurant»

For Diane Holloway, reaching a low point gave her the momentum to leap from pastry chef to successful entrepreneur. She moved quickly from no job prospects to using a $5,000 SBA microloan from WESST to grow a trio of eateries.