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WESST Client Profiles

Jessica Radojits

Farmington Region | Hair West Salon»

With several years of experience under her belt, a strong service ethic, a loyal customer base and a mind for marketing, Jessica’s realized her dream – owning and operating her own salon.

Emelita “Lita” Lujan

Las Cruces Region | Gents Day Spa»

Emelita “Lita” Lujan came to WESST prior to opening her new spa, hoping to get assistance with her business-planning and financial projections. Lita had heard how WESST could advise her in ways to better ensure success – through all the phases of her growth.

Marsha and Izzy Cowan

Las Cruces Region | Bernina Sewing and Design»

Surrounded by colorful fabrics and thread, Marsha Cowan, laughed when asked how her business was doing in today’s economy. “We’re making it,” she said. The fact is that the business has grown considerably during their eight years of operation.

Tere Baeza

Las Cruces Region | Maxim»

After marrying her husband, Rafael, Teresita (Tere) moved to the United States from Chihuahua, Mexico. During the next 23 years, she and Rafael raised their two children while he built his trucking business and she pursued a dream of becoming a cosmetologist.

Melanie Kirby and Mark Spitzig

Santa Fe Region | Zia Queenbee Co.»

Melanie has committed 15 years to educating herself and others interested in learning about beekeeping as a hobby or business. Her education began as a Peace Corps volunteer offering Beekeeping Extension Services throughout the world.

Kamala Easton

Santa Fe Region | Kamala Easton»

Kamala’s niche is her embodiment of a spiritual and passionate black woman who embraces and shares her extensive experience via the written and spoken word. She has worked with and learned from some of the most renowned spiritual teachers in India.