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Buell’s Fish Hooks

Buell’s Fish Hooks is a locally-owned and family-run bait and tackle shop located in Farmington, NM. Matthew Buell is a long-time resident of Farmington and has a love and passion for fishing. It is not uncommon to find Matthew sitting on a fishing bank early in the morning with a fishing pole in one hand a cup of hot coffee in the other. Matthew had a dream for many years of owning and operating his own bait and tackle shop. When COVID-19 impacted his community, he saw an opportunity to make his dream a reality. As people began to slowly come out of their homes, he noticed that fishing tackle and equipment were flying off the shelves in big box stores. Farmington does not have many choices for bait and tackle shops, except for the big box stores, and a few shops about 30 miles out of town by Navajo Lake.

WESST Farmington Women’s Business Center helped Matthew with every aspect of starting his business. When Matthew first started this journey, he had no idea where to start and what he needed to run a successful small business. During his first consultation with WESST, he shared his dream of opening a bait and tackle shop and what that would look like. This helped him and WESST develop his business model using the Business Model Canvas Tools. From there, Matthew attended weekly consultation sessions for four months. WESST helped him obtain his LLC, Federal Identification Number (FEIN) and NM CRS number. Work then began on creating a mission statement, business plan, guidance on social media and building an online platform along with the development of customer personas. He also worked with the WESST Loan Department to understand and complete a break-even and cash flow analysis.

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Matthew Buell


Buell’s Fish Hooks

"Working weekly with Dawn, my business advisor, has helped me to understand better my role as a small business owner and the tasks that I would need to know to be successful. Everything provided to me has been invaluable; each week I had a task to complete. This helped me stay motivated and engaged in opening my business. I feel confident and know that what I have learned on this journey has prepared me for the hard days ahead."
Matt Buell
Farmington, NM

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