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This is the quarterly Well Woman Life membership deep dive workshop.  Topic:  Mindful Wealth!  A workshop on achieving your financial goals.

About the Presenters: Leisa Peterson and Celestina Garcia

Leisa Peterson is self-made millionaire, a mom, wife, transformational business coach, educator and retreat facilitator. In her business WealthClinic, she specializes in coaching entrepreneurs who are ready to take their profits to a new level while at the same time creating greater joy, fulfillment, and inner prosperity for themselves. Leisa blogs about money and mindfulness for the Huffington Post, as a top-chart podcast on iTunes and is currently writing a book called Breaking Free of Scarcity Mindset, how to overcome not enough to create a business of plenty.
During Leisa’s presentation, she’ll be:

  • Guiding us through a powerful meditation oriented to creating greater abundance in our lives
  • Sharing a few of the things that keep us stuck with money and from gaining financial independence and how we can do things differently going forward, and
  • Walking us through one of the most powerful exercises she uses to help her clients figure out what they want most in life and a process for bringing it into reality.

Celestina Garcia’s vision is that everyone lives the life of their dreams filled with freedom, connection, and empowerment. Her motto is “Dream and Be Big‟.  For ten years Celestina has worked with individuals and teams from around the globe to develop their potential and skill set to lead and successfully live their purpose. She is a wife, mother, community leader, founder and Executive Director of Community Leadership Foundation a nonprofit center of transformational leadership, runs several business ventures and coaches incoming freshman as a Success Coach at the University of New Mexico.
Celestina will discuss the art of practicing “Being Open” to the financial change we are committed to see and create in our lives, the process of transformation we get to undertake to create those results and why having a coach to support you to be successful through the process is vital.

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