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2019 WESST Holiday Pop-Up Shop Vendors

The WESST 30th Anniversary Block Party and Pop-Up Shop will be showcasing the wonderful work of creative entrepreneurs and connecting them to the community in the Innovation Corridor in Albuquerque. This will be a wonderful opportunity to “shop local” and support those who create art, craft, food and other products.

Participating Vendors

ClientBusiness Description

Owner: Yvonne Castillo



Handmade crocheted kitchen items, baby Afghans, stuffed animals.

505 Studio Arts
Owner: Kat Richter-Sand




Fine art porcelain dishes and serving pieces (jewelry containers, mini-bowls, bowls, small plates, platters, vases) which are functional ware for everyday use, and others which make beautiful gifts and collectibles. All pieces are high-temperature fired to be very strong and durable in modern, minimalist forms enhanced by shimmering glazes, carvings and graphic designs.

Bean Street Studio
Owner:  Carrie Botto




Loomed bracelets and hatbands done with glass beads from Japan and the Czechoslovakia. Earrings are woven with aged glass beads, also beads from Japan and Czechoslovak. The pods are macramé -knot around a glass bowl so you can use the pods for live plants, battery lights, etc.

Belgian Ceramics
Owner:  Christiane Couvert




Christiane began working with her hands as a physical therapist in Belgian, Switzerland and France.  She has now turned those healing hands to form exquisite potter and porcelain pieces.  Combining the delicately formed clay with found and naturally weathered wood from New Mexico, creating unique and functional pieces.

Brandy Botanicals
Owner:  Susan Carroll



Susan Carroll is a community herbalist based in Albuquerque, NM and the founder and owner of Brandy Botanicals. Susan creates small-batch herbal remedies for Brandy Botanicals and is part of the Cottonwood Medicine Collective, where she offers herbalism classes and consultations and co-hosts a monthly sliding scale community herb clinic.  Brandy Botanicals products highlight common plants in fun, tried and true formulas for every day use. 

Bread Shed
Owners: Ethan Schiller



Locally sourced, naturally leavened, handmade bread.

Creations by Dona
Owner:  Dona Maloney



Art Quilts

Elvia’s Unique Bow-Tique N Things
Owner:  Elvia Mirabal



Unique, hand-crafted bows, clips, headbands, pillows, purses and other customized items.

Fathers Building Futures
Owner:  Joseph Shaw



A variety of unique and custom pieces. From small jewelry boxes to large benches and everything in between. These products are hand crafted by formally incarcerated New Mexico Dads that are choosing to turn there lives around and make their way back not only into New Mexico’s work force but back into the lives of their families and our communities.

Go To Art Camp
Owner: Wendy Ahlm



Art Camp To Go (aka Go To Art Camp) offers acrylic & watercolor take and make art kits. Kits are designed and built in Tijeras, NM, by artist Wendy Ahlm.

Griffith Evans, LLC
Owner:  Griffith Evans



This special jewelry collection is crafted in reclaimed orchard wood from the northern New Mexico village of Cuartelez.

Happy Crumbs Bakery
Owner: Heather Guay



Happy Crumbs is a Pop-Up Pretzel Bakery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They use only organic and local ingredients whenever possible. The pretzels are 100% sourdough and are dipped in lye to create the perfect pretzel crust. They also feature local beers in our mustard.

High Desert Pottery
Owner:  Kevin Damazyn



Hand thrown pottery. Mostly mugs, bowls, and vases.

J Mohr
Owner: Josie Mohr



Hand silkscreened textiles, laser cut paper card, luminarias, ornaments, wood ornaments, leather earrings, necklaces, and small id wallets.

James LLC
Owner: Doreen Garten



Each piece is individually handcrafted – bespoke – that conveys an idea or emotion. Having lived several years in Asia, much of their work is Asian infused with a minimalist design capturing relationships between organic forms and geometric shapes. Inspiration comes from textures, color and objects such as fixtures, architecture, building equipment and nature.

Kei & Molly Textiles
Owner: Kei Tsuzuki and Molly Luethi



Brightly colored, hand-printed kitchen linens such as dish towels, tea towels, napkins, aprons, sponges, potholders, and accessories such as scarves.

Kenesson Design, Inc.
Owner:  Christian Kenesson



Christian “Charlie” Kenesson has worked as a graphic designer for over 30 years, most recently, with a focus on book design. Her jewelry inspiration stems from graphic as well a natural sources including: typography, collage, botanical/nature, industrial design, Japanese woodcuts and kimono fabric. Using a variety of techniques, she creates unique, handmade, silver jewelry. At times she incorporates found objects such as wire and game pieces to create textures or have the actual object become a part of the work.

Over the years Charlie has created a variety of Lunar calendars. She will be offering her most recent lunar calendar at this year’s show.

LadyJennD Mixed Media Collage Creation
Owner: Jennifer DeSantis



Mixed media collage artwork that remixes and re-purposes vintage imagery and text into new, vibrant, unique, and cerebral creations! Original artworks, prints, and functional items with art printed on them.

Laughing Turtle Soap Co
Owner: Eowyn Simmons



100% Natural soaps, balms, salts and moisturizers. Handcrafted with earth friendly and organic materials and delivered to you for bath, body and soul.

Minu Jewels LLC
Owner:  Mina Hassan



Egyptian-born designer, Mina Hassan, brings the influences of her heritage and culture into each piece of jewelry. Her collection features an eclectic blend of precious stones in vibrant colors, intricate carvings and classic elements of style. Mina was born in Cairo, Egypt but grew up between Cairo and Raleigh, North Carolina. She has created a style of jewelry that is reflective of the past and yet contemporary for the woman today. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and each style is unique. All jewelry is handmade with semi-precious stones, silver, and gold-plated metals. 

New Mexico Sabor
Owners: Carla Gallegos-Ortega



A new local company who specializes in salsa. Their products are meant to be the best, fresh tasting, hand-made salsas. Sabor focuses on flavor as their name suggests. By using fresh ingredients and local goods such as certified Hatch Green Chile and local raw honey in their products, they are able to capture robust flavor and unbelievable freshness. They want everyone to experience the unique flavors that ARE New Mexico. 

Pizza, Pets, and Nonsense
Owner: Sara Karola Wilcoxon



Art for people who dig Pizza, Pets, and Nonsense.  All pieces are hand-illustrated and then copied to be made into prints.  Sara also does custom paintings and illustrations, and sells original pieces.

Ponderosa Artisans
Owner:  Benjamin Sears



Ponderosa Artisans offers a variety of unique and interesting curiosities, designed so that you can always find something different and exciting. Creations are designed to engage your imagination, to provide an escape from the mundane, and to evoke a sense of peculiarity and adventure.

Their stones are collected from deserts and heritage mines across New Mexico and the Southwest or carefully selected from unique specimens we discover from interesting artisans and dealers. 

Santa Fe Leather Goods LLC
Owner:  Leon Harms



Santa Fe Leather Goods are passionate about leather. In their New Mexico shop their dedicated craftsmen strive to create only the best quality handmade leather products.

Careful layout and cutting insures that each individual hide is used in the most attractive way. They take the time to top stitch all their creations. Not only is this process pleasing to the eye but, also reduces stretching and greatly extends the life of their products.
They use the finest natural oils and stains to give products a rich and distinctive finish that becomes richer with use. This developed patina will contribute to the character and beauty of each piece, becoming uniquely yours.

Sean Wells Art
Owner: Sean Wells



Sean’s artwork has been featured on internationally distributed beer labels (Cerveza de los Muertos), nationally distributed wine labels (La Catrina Vino) and New Mexico Lottery Scratchers for which she received a national award for top scratcher design. She is an award-winning 5th generation Spanish Colonial artist and juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in the retablo category, promoting the traditional arts through her television show, New Mexican Santera.

Owner: Joanne Douglas



The Shoofly 505 line is a southwestern jewelry line featuring eclectic wardrobe staples that appeal to a variety of women.

Snugglecubs Cookies
Owners: Suzanne & Bill Slauson



Snugglecubs Cookies sells many different varieties of cookies, including: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk, Orange Cranberry Pecan, Double Chocolate, and Coconut Chocolate Chip.

The Cornivore
Owner:  Roberto Mendez



All of our flavors are made without using corn syrup or preservatives which provide customers a healthier snack alternative. Their popcorn is made in small batches and flavored with their made from scratch seasonings. Cornivore specializes in flavors of New Mexico like Biscochito that tastes just like the cookie, New Mexico Sunset which is a Red and Green Chile Cheddar, Sweet Green Chile, and Red Chile Limon.

The Curious Goat Works
Owner:  Sophia Torres



Sophia Torres is a multidisciplinary mixed media artist, creating art which brings animation and life to the mundane. She studied multiple art forms at the University of Mexico, all of which she uses in her art today.

Her Japanese inspired utilitarian ceramic forms are more than meets the eye. Cups and bowls have odd facial features, and sometimes sprout arms and odd appendages. Her handmade ceramic dolls are all hand-sculpted and made with utmost attention to detail and craftsman ship. And her Teddy bears, made from fine mohair, or up-cycled faux fur coats, border between the creepy and cute. Each one of her pieces are one of kind, a fact that she takes pride in.

The Weighted Blanket Store and More
Owner:  Robin Field



Custom hand made weighted blankets, lap pads, collars and other therapeutic comfort items.

Owner: Laura Martinez



New Mexico Hojalteros, or Tinsmiths put punches and mallets to metal to make unique styles of hammered tin art work. Tinsmithing is a time honored tradition in the state of New Mexico. Pieces include Retablos with icons of Saints and Angels as well as ornaments and medallions. Each piece is handcrafted with joy!

Owner: Erin Kleymann



Each piece of WillaJune Jewelry is handcrafted from sterling silver or gold in a small home studio and designed with minimalism and craftsmanship in mind, and intended to provide a truly one-of-a-kind item for everyday wear.

Erin’s work is described as dainty and feminine with clean lines and streamlined settings, and her most iconic pieces include eye-catching gems and minerals set in partially recycled sterling silver with highlights of gold and rose gold. Through intensive hand fabrication (including forging, hand sawing, soldering, refining, and hand-polishing), each piece has a unique look and feel.

Yuba Mercantile
Owner: Grace Lerner



Yuba Mercantile is a lifestyle brand, curating vintage and artisan-made home decor sourced from around the world. Pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, and more are hand made in ethical environments from the finest natural materials and dyes and are created to last a lifetime. Their products are sustainable and empower the artisans that create them.