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WESST Visionaries – Founders Circle

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WESST Visionaries Founders Circle

On Thursday, April 14 2016, WESST celebrated and thanked the 31 members of the WESST Visionary Founder’s Circle.

WESST extends its sincere thanks to the following members of the WESST Visionaries Founders Circle.  Their multi-year commitment to support WESST’s mission maximizes the federal support WESST receives that requires non-federal matching dollars.  WESST Visionaries are helping small businesses grow and prosper.  To learn how you can become a WESST Visionary, please contact Dianne Campbell at 505-246-6935.

Angela Anderson and David Hughes
Dave Baland
Chris and Karen Bard
Alan Bell
Molly Bell
Beverly and Perry Bendicksen
Mike and Carla Bickel
George and Sibilla Boerigter
Julia Bowdich
Bueno Foods
Caroline Buerkle
Brad Crowson
Mark and Carol Fidel
Griffin & Associates
Pam Hurd-Knief and Ronald Knief
Linda Kier
Nancy McLain
Joellyn Murphy
Mark J. Napolin
Leslie Neal
Anne Nokes
Agnes Noonan
Brigid Noonan
Anna O’Connell
Chris Olson
Cara Potter
Debbie Ramirez
Penny Rembe
Marjorie and Steve Rogers
Erica Smith
George and Jenean Stanfield
Virginia Stanley
Holland Sutton
Duffy and Jean Ann Swan
TAL Realty, Inc.
Ron and Lisa Talbot
Mary Ann Weems
Mary Wiederholt
Judy Zanotti