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How To Make Remote Performance Reviews Work»

One of the greatest challenges any small business faces is the effective delivery of employee feedback, and especially those periodic performance reviews. In the time of COVID-19 and its remote...

5S: Workplace Organization “Everything In Its Place”»

5S is a workplace organization method used in industrial manufacturing around the world.  Pioneered by Toyota Motor Company, the 5S method applies standard housekeeping  practices in the workplace through the five principles of Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. These products aid

A Bright Spot in the Albuquerque Economy»

...necessary for business success. The companies that are currently members of the WESST Enterprise Center include:Agavue: Biomoda: Brivea: Great Livin’: Intellicyt: Kosh Solutions: Medical...

Telling Your Brand Story»

Every small business has a story to tell, something that will connect potential customers to your brand.


WESST is a home for entrepreneurs, founded 30 years ago by women for women. As a non-profit, we offer consulting, training, and lending to anyone with the passion to start...