Staff Spotlight: Rita Veleta

By Lorena Schott | November 18, 2021

What made you want to come to work for WESST?

  • I have been a long-time advocate of woman empowerment, access to resources for the underserved communities of New Mexico, and immigrant rights. WESST’s work and commitment to providing resources to these communities pushed me to be a part of the organization. I’m convinced the past 11 years of my education and life experiences happened because I was meant to be here!

What was your very first job?

  • My very first “gig” was holding a promotional sign for Cricket when I was 15 every Saturday for a couple months (LOL). My first real job was working for a local credit union as a teller during my senior year of High School. This job confirmed to me that working with the underserved communities in my state to overcome financial literacy and language barriers as well as provide  resources to them gave me true happiness and fulfillment.

What’s your favorite part of working here?

  • That I get to apply my educational background in business administration while empowering people in my community to accomplish their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

What do you do when you’re not working?

  • I love to spend time with my family and take road trips!

What do you wish people knew about WESST?

  • I wish people knew more about the truly amazing programs we are developing by letting the communities we serve inform us on what they need rather than pushing traditional learning tools on them.

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Lorena Schott

Lorena Schott is a native New Mexican that brings a wealth of experience to the WESST team. Before joining WESST in 2009, she worked for Intel where she was acknowledged for her establishment of Intel’s centralized on-line system, rewarding and recognizing employees worldwide.

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