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WESST Santa Fe TrainingArtist Thinktank Series
A Unique Opportunity for Great Conversation!

two minds

Sorry folks, this series is now closed. 

We’re trying something different and potentially enlightening…

Over the years, WESST/Santa Fe has had the pleasure of working with artists possessing many diverse talents.  With increasing frequency, we are asked if we could offer a “Thinktank”-type, roundtable opportunity for arts clients to learn from each other.

So… we are going to run an eight (8) session “beta” series to provide the opportunity for artist clients to listen, share, and learn.. Sessions will be moderated by artist and business trainer, Pi Luna, who will open the conversation and get the roundtable started.

The first session will start with the topic: How do you make time for your creativity in a busy day? You can drop-in, attend, and exit each session as your time permits.