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WESST Santa Fe TrainingWant Help With Your Existing Etsy Shop?

Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship

Do you make something beautiful but feel you aren’t getting the sales you deserve? You are not alone.

If you’re doing lots of work and experiencing few sales, WESST and Charlie can help.

Advanced Etsy…is a class taught in Santa Fe by Uber Etsy trainer, Charlie Jacka. Up-to-date concepts and implementation will help you to increase your Etsy sales through targeted, clear and concise marketing. Here are just a few things about Advanced Etsy that will help you:

  1. Learn exactly who your ideal customer is and the right pricing to get them to buy.
  2. Discover how to promote your shop outside of Etsy. Learn add-on marketing tools that will help you identify and reach new potential customers.
  3. Create a strong brand. You can send a powerful, solid and consistent message to create a well-rounded digital footprint.

There’s a whole lot more to be explored and learned.

This workshop is intended for sellers with an active Etsy store making regular sales, and requires an advanced knowledge of the Etsy platform.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must have an active Etsy shop of good standing (not on vacation)
  • Must be confident in navigating Etsy site and finding information
  • Must know how to create a listing without assistance
  • Must know how to take and upload photos without assistance
  • Must have a camera or smart phone capable of taking photos
  • Access to computer, mid to advanced computer skills and internet access