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WESST Santa Fe TrainingAre you Pricing for Profit?

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or, Just Trying to Cover your Time and Expenses? There’s A Big Difference!

This “Pricing for Profit” class is packed with tools and tips to help you figure out where your money is going as you build and grow your business.  Sometimes hundreds of unit sales or hours spent leaves you in debt or without the income you deserve.  This class will give you perspective and help. Trainer, Bette Bradbury, has over 25 years’ experience guiding entrepreneurs toward sustainable profitability.

Take a fresh look at the relationship between your sales and business income

  • Understand your competition
  • Learn or review basic math skills and projections
  • Create realistic income expectations
  • Understand where pricing fits in Marketing’s 5Cs
  • Learn how to project in volume
  • Understand the concept retail, wholesale & consignment

You will leave knowing how to price your products and time, adjust pricing as expenses change and maintain a competitive advantage