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WESST Albuquerque TrainingBusiness Model Canvas and Understanding How to Pivot for Changing Times

Business Model Canvas

Are you considering some changes to your business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? Join us for an exploration of the nine different building blocks of your business so that you can better manage the rapidly changing market and your customer relationships in the coming months.

Most people think of a “pivot” in their business meaning they start selling different products – like moving from selling actual arranged flowers, to selling flower arrangement training classes, perhaps delivered online.  While this may a very good idea for our current situation, keep in mind your business can change, or pivot, at any time during your business model.

A pivot in your business may involve:

  • Changing your customers or target market 
  • Changing your distribution or delivery channels
  • Changing the revenue model or pricing in light of adjusted services, or the resources that have changed
  • Changes to your everyday business activities, costs, partners, and even how you attract and acquire customers

A pivot for your business can mean lots of things other than just the products and services you sell.

Join us for a 1.5 hour class where we review the Business Model Canvas, and talk about strategies for managing interrupted parts of your existing business model, and offer some solutions and brainstorming for transforming your business through a necessary pivot to position it for any rapid changes that may be happening.

In this online workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the Business Model Canvas and create or re-create one for their business
  • Explore the nine building blocks of their existing business and adjust them, if necessary
  • Brainstorm creative and innovative ways to modify one or more of the building blocks
  • Have the opportunity to make a future appointment for a free, 1:1 videoconference consultation with a WESST Business Trainer/Consultant