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WESST Roswell TrainingCash Management and Credit Recovery

Homebuyer Education

This class is designed as a quick overview to help you understand your personal finances and reduce stress in handling your financial decisions.  In this two-hour class we will touch on:


  • Setting financial goals – identify and write them down
  • Create a spending plan by:
    • Keep track of daily spending
    • Determine your monthly income and expenses (expenses can be fixed or flexible)
    • Find ways to decrease spending
    • Find ways to increase income
    • Create a spending diary
    • Create a monthly payment calendar
  • Create a budget
    • Expense envelope system
    • Budget box system
    • Computer spreadsheet system

Credit Reports:

  • Credit overview
  • What is a credit report and what is it used for?
  • How to read your credit report, checking and fixing errors.
  • Building your credit history, repairing credit, credit repair scams, maintaining your credit when payments are a problem.