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WESST Farmington TrainingCo-op Business Model for COVID-19 Pivoting Small Businesses

COOP Business Model

Join us for this training on understanding and creating a co-op business model facilitated by Susann Mikkelson with Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative Development Center (RMFU Co-op Center).

Cooperative businesses are businesses owned and democratically controlled by their member-owners (one member, one vote). This model may be extremely helpful in supporting those business in need of succession planning, business pivoting due to COVID-19, and start-up and operating businesses seeking to scale up or compete in a larger market.

The RMFU Co-op Center provides information, technical assistance and resources to its clients. In this training, you will learn:

  • A general overview and understanding of the cooperative business model
  • Pinpointing service and supply shortages , succession planning concerns for businesses, and other concerns, and discuss how the co-op model might apply
  • Understanding how the co-op model might help your small business or business incubation