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Goggle Drive – Docs and Slides

Google Suite

Part 1

This FREE online training for Google includes the drive, docs, sheets, and slides. This will be an online class that can be viewed either by phone or computer. You’ll receive an email with a pre-recorded instructional video on April 18th. You can watch it on your own time. Then there will be a live Q&A with Pi Luna on April 22nd. There are two parts. You can take one part or both. You must register ahead of time to reserve your spot.”. Topics include:

Google Docs

  • Formatting text and using text styles
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Headers, footers and page numbers
  • Exporting to Word, PDF and EPUB
  • Printing
  • Working with tables, charts and pictures
  • Adding hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Adding comments and feedback

Google Slides

  • Creating and editing slides
  • Editing background and styles
  • Creating custom themes
  • Slide animation and transitions
  • Working with images, charts, video, and audio
  • Exploring to PowerPower, PDF and JPG
  • Printing