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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs With Dr. Kate Dow Keeping Up Requires More than Coffee. The One Super-Power You Need Now

Dr. Kate

If you’re a woman who wants to explore your depths… or a man who wants to expand perspective…

As Entrepreneurs, we know that part of the deal is that we need to keep moving, focused, creating and growing to be successful in our businesses.

How we do that effectively can make a HUGE difference – in not only our success – but by lessening the negative impact on ourselves, our relationships and our businesses.

When we try to keep up by pushing ourselves, cutting corners, going without, it eventually backfires.

It effects our health, our sleep, our relationships, our productivity…

How can we do it better? This is the superpower part.

Come learn what the one Superpower is that you have within you to help keep up in sustainable and effective ways that support you, your life and your business.