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WESST Roswell TrainingEssentials of Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop

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We are proud to provide New Mexicans with the business building tools. It can elevate their passions and artistic visions while providing a path to financial sustainability:
  • Learn how to build a sustainable business model;
  • Explore the types of art markets that exist in our area and beyond;
  • Get a grip on basic financial forecasting, planning, pricing philosophy and break-even analysis;
  • Market your art and develop a brand that reflects your artistic passion;
  • Learn about online marketplaces and using social media to promote your craft; and
  • How to put it all together!
Essentials of Creative Entrepreneurship is a 6-part workshop. It will be perfect for Bakers, Woodworkers, Poets, Welders, Painters, Jewelers, and many of other creative artists that have formed the backbone of our great state’s documented longtime history and tradition in the arts.
Workshops will be held on THURSDAY’S:
  • FEBRUARY 25th
  • MARCH 4th
  • MARCH 11th
  • MARCH 18th
  • MARCH 25th
  • APRIL 1st