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WESST Las Cruces TrainingFirst Friday Small Business Workshop – Fundraising

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Our First Friday focuses on one of the most important and crucial elements of running a nonprofit:  FUNDRAISING.  In addition to the time it takes in serving your clients, donors, supporters, and members, effective fundraising is perhaps one of the most important things you have to do as a nonprofit.  Without contributions, donations, grants, and a revenue stream, the important work you do as a nonprofit becomes more difficult.

Join Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce CEO/President Carrie Hamblen as she discusses the importance of diversifying your fundraising events and campaigns, how to assess the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts, and provides tips and strategies for developing new fundraising campaigns.

Carrie has over 30 years of fundraising experience in nonprofits, and has coordinated many successful fundraising efforts.  She also has experienced some not so successful efforts and will share ways to avoid or learn from those events.