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WESST Santa Fe TrainingGoggle Drive – Google Sheets

Google Suite

Part 2

This will be an online class that can be viewed either by phone or computer. You’ll receive an email with a pre-recorded instructional video on April 20th. You can watch it on your own time. Then there will be a live Q&A with Pi Luna on April 8th. There are two parts. You can take one part or both. You must register ahead of time to reserve your spot.”

Learn how to use Google Sheets, which is a free spreadsheet software which works similarity to Excel. You’ll learn how to use formulas, organize large sets of data and how to work more efficiently.
Topics include:

Google Sheets

  • Working with columns, rows and cells
  • Formatting text
  • Working with formulas and functions
  • Sorting and organizing large sets of data
  • Inserting charts including pie charts and bar charts
  • Running reports
  • Protecting formulas
  • Creating dropdown menus
  • Working with multiple sheets
  • Linking data between sheets and other files