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WESST Santa Fe TrainingHarness the Power of LinkedIn


Many Businesses at this time of Global Pandemic have been forced Online.  Experts say if Your Business is not engaging online, you are not secure in the Future of your Business.  

In this World of Digital Business, there are many platforms and portals out there now but not all social media is equal.

One stands alone as being more equal. LinkedIn!

See and learn the benefits of having an optimized LinkedIn page, and finding “your” groups. We’ll work through quick ways to sort through the millions of groups, and how to best work with your new sales team: Connections.

In this workshop, Santa Fe’s very own U.S. Web Mechanic, Clint Kempster will walk you through:

  • Setting Up/Optimizing Your LinkedIn Page
  • Building Your Content Strategy
  • Growing and Nurturing your LinkedIn Connections and Audience
  • Measuring Your Prospect Engagements for Relationship & Revenue