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WESST Albuquerque TrainingMake Money, Save Money: Access Means Business

Southwest ADA Center

Why comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?  In today’s competitive economy, businesses cannot afford to overlook individuals with disabilities as a significant component of the marketplace.

  • Companies marketing to people with disabilities can reach as many as four in every 10 customers. 
  • Customers with disabilities, plus their family and friends, have over a trillion dollars per year in disposable income.
  • Baby boomers hold approximately 70% of U.S. discretionary income and are demanding products, services, and environments that meet their age-related physical and mental needs.

The best way for businesses to attract and serve this lucrative customer market is by complying with the ADA and avoiding ADA litigation.  Learn about:

  1.  How ADA physical access applies to your particular business.
  2. What it means to do reasonable modification to policies and practices to be inclusive.
  3. Providing effective communication with customers with hearing or vision disabilities.
  4. Federal tax incentives to help cover any costs of becoming accessible.