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WESST Santa Fe TrainingMONEY SMART WEEK Understanding Money In – Money Out

Money Smart Week

WESST SFE is excited to participate in Money Smart Week to help consumers manage their personal finances better!

It takes planning to have something left over for a rainy day and budgeting is important. Ideally, you have some money left over after all of your bills are paid.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Make a budget in a spreadsheet
  • Manage inconsistent income
  • Analyze spending
  • Understand credit scores and credit card interest
  • Create a long-term savings plan
  • Stick to your budget

Please bring a laptop or tablet to class.

Presenter: Pi Luna, as an artist Pi Luna understands the unique challenges that come with living a creative lifestyle. Her goal is to empower artists and small business owners to build financial security while continuing to pursue their dreams. She makes learning fun and accessible by integrating math, art, and storytelling in her books and workshops. Pi’s book, Life Savings: Navigate the Financial Course was recently named the best family and parenting book in the NM/AZ Book Awards.