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WESST Albuquerque TrainingRevisit you personal budget: Managing the impacts of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rethink their spending. Join us for a 1-hour class where we will discuss how to revisit your budget, including:

  • how to determine if your expenses have increased,
  • identify where your money comes from and where it goes,
  • understand the difference between fixed, variable, and periodic expenses,
  • learn how to track expenses by creating a household budget

Participants will have the option to create a real budget by tracking expenses for one month and working on a hands-on budget activity in Session 2 on November 5th, 2020. Set Financial Goals Create a Spending Plan. 

In addition to the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to schedule a confidential, no-cost, one-in-one meeting with WESST staff to discuss individual issues.