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WESST Albuquerque TrainingTaking the Mystery Out of Bookkeeping (for Women)


Join WESST and local bookkeeping firm Checks and Balances for You as we offer an informative, casual discussion of different bookkeeping approaches, based on the needs of your business.

Modern business banking may have changed the way we deal with money, but there are a few things that have always remained the same. In this Lunch and Learn presentation, we will strive to guide our clients briefly through the complexities of managing day-to-day finances in a straightforward and non-intimidating manner. Whether your business needs assistance with paying bills and balancing accounts, or you are in need help understanding basic bookkeeping services, this presentation will be a great place to start!

Attendees can expect an overview presentation of general requirements, GRT, Employee Payroll versus Contractors, along with useful suggestions for getting started with good bookkeeping practices in your own business, and even time for a brief Q&A session at the end.