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WESST Santa Fe TrainingTop Secrets to Successful Small Business Growth

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Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to gain knowledge that fuels your business success. Meet a lineup of business growth experts, ask your burning questions and make new connections.


  1. Successfully focus on your target market with Trevor Burns.
  2. First impressions count. Your business cards matter with Stephanie West.
  3. Create a website that defines you and your business with Kate Rollins.
  4. Common writing mistakes spell disaster. Clear, correct writing is always an asset with Jeff Braucher.
  5. Build authentic connections with your clients and customers via social media with Jennifer Polle.
  6. Put your business on a level playing field with the “big guys”, while avoiding IT risks with Dharam Khalsa.
  7. Rolling advertising, how it reaches new customers with Josh Weybright.
  8. Learn how and where to network effectively. Identify the relationships that matter most with Susanne Kennedy.