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WESST Rio Rancho TrainingWESST Small Business Series: Sustainable Sales Isn’t Just a Transaction

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Successful business people all have one thing in common.  They establish sustainable relationships with the customers they serve. Join Jeffrey Candelaria of Konnection Now LLC as he shares his four key principles for building these important relationships in your business:

  • Trust
  • Distinction
  • Commitment
  • Performance

Your clients are always considering these four “elephants in the room” when deciding whether to do business with you. By understanding and effectively addressing these four basic principles, the “elephants” disappear and what remains is the basis for a trusted and sustainable relationship beyond just a transaction!  

You may know Jeffrey from his radio program, “The Jeffrey Candelaria Radio Show”, Saturday afternoons on AM 770 KKOB. He is a proven “difference maker” and branding expert with over twenty years of experience in Corporate Sales, Marketing, and Business Event Production.