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Creative P.I.E. (Practice, Innovation & Enterprise)

Mayor's Prize

Provided by a grant from Mayor's Prize for Entrepreneurship powered by the Albuquerque Community Foundation.

WESST Creative P.I.E. (Practice, Innovation & Enterprise) Program is designed to support the existing and emerging community of creative entrepreneurs in Albuquerque.

Creative P.I.E. offers a menu of customized workshops, quarterly peer-networking events, and individualized consultations for the thousands of Albuquerque creatives seeking support in starting, growing or repositioning their businesses.

The Creative P.I.E. Program is designed by creatives, for creatives. We speak the language of creativity and enterprise!

Group Training and Education

  • Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship™
  • Learn The Language of Business Finance
  • QuickBooks Pro for Beginners
  • Marketing

One-on-One Consulting

  • Tailored business assistance and advice provided in a one-on-one setting (either in person, by phone, or by email, Gchat, Skype, etc.).


  • Networking Opportunities for all Creative P.I.E. participants, in conjunction with Creative Mornings and Well Woman Drinks

Business Loans

  • Loans to help facilitate either the start-up or growth of small businesses that are unable to obtain financing through traditional loan sources.

To find out more about Creative P.I.E. please contact Margarita Guarin at 505-246-6900 or or visit the WESST Upcoming Training and Registration webpage.