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Thank you for registering!

Class Preparation Requirements:

  • To participate in the class, we will need you to please complete the Client Intake Form.  (Please note:  If we have a client intake form on file for you (i.e., if you are a current WESST client and/or have attended training at WESST within the last year, you will not have to complete again.  Also, you do not need to complete the Client Intake Form for each class).
  • Please complete the front and back of the form, type your name on the bottom of the second page (next to client signature).  If you DO NOT currently have a business, the second page is quite simple.
  • WHEN WE RECEIVE THE CLIENT INTAKE FORM, YOU WILL OFFICIALLY BE ENTERED INTO THE ONLINE CLASS, AND WE WILL EMAIL YOU THE ZOOM SESSION REGISTRATION NUMBER WHICH ALLOWS ACCESS TO THE CLASS.  Again, if we have a client intake form on file for you, you will not have to complete again.  Zoom details will be sent to you a day or two prior to the class.
  • There is no need to have a Zoom account to participate. Accepting a Zoom invite is instant, secure, and free, whether you have ever logged in before, or not.
  • If we do not receive this form from you, we will assume you are NOT participating in the class. This form is extremely important for WESST to receive the funding we need to continue our services. No one’s individual information will be used for any reason or be put on any list to be shared.
  • We will ask you to complete an evaluation poll before the class concludes.
  • Because WESST handles confidential information, protected by privacy laws, we are taking steps to ensure the confidentiality of all of our communications by implementing ZixMail, This tool allows emails to be encrypted before they are sent. While some emails that get sent from staff at WESST will go directly into your inbox, some may trigger the need for you to access them through a secure ZixMail portal. You may receive a message that asks you to click on a link to read the email. Please note that it is ok to click on this link to access the email through the ZixMail portal. In order to access this portal you will be required to register by providing your email address (that matches the email address that the WESST person used in the email they sent to you) and a secure password. You will only need to go through this registration process once, but do save your log-in information. If the ZixMail system believes that future emails that are sent to you need to be encrypted, then you will log in to the ZixMail portal again to access the encrypted email.

Cancellation Policy: WESST may cancel classes that do not meet a pre-registration minimum attendance. We will contact you at least 24 hours in advance if a training is canceled. 

Withdrawal Policy: If you need to withdraw from a class, that’s OK! Please let us know as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

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