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12 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn: 12 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers»

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking for new clients, having a presence on LinkedIn means that people who are looking for someone with your experience will be able to find you. Knowing how to leverage LinkedIn to its full extent can help you connect with people who can make an introduction that might eventually lead to work. The key, of course, is knowing how to make the right connections.

Is Business Incubation Right for Your Business?

Is Business Incubation Right for Your Business?»

It was certainly the case nearly 50 years ago with the unintended creation of the business incubation industry. The international business incubation movement began in New York with a businessman, an empty building and an idea of mentoring young companies through their early years – the most vulnerable period of their lives. That idea has grown worldwide to over 6,000 incubators, 1400+ of which are located in the United States.

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