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NDI New Mexico

Part 1: WESST and NDI New Mexico Partner to Bring Financial Literacy Training to Teens»

Working with teens is one of the many highlights of my work as a financial literacy trainer.  At WESST, 2016 promises to be another amazing year as we continue to…

Chris Hunter

Staff Spotlight – Chris Hunter»

This month on the WESST blog, we are featuring Farmington Regional Manager Chris Hunter.  We hope you enjoy learning about WESST, our clients, and the great services we offer through…

Clint Reecer

Staff Spotlight – Clint Reecer»

New on the WESST blog! Once a month, we will be featuring either a WESST client or a WESST staff member. We hope to tell people more about WESST, our…

How to find the right loan

How to Find the Right Loan for Your Small Business»

Looking for funds to start a small business? Need capital to expand an existing one? If the answer is “yes,” the next step for many owners is a trip to…

Julianna Silva

How WESST Uses Human-Centered Design to Tackle Microbusiness Problems»

What a privilege it is to work with creative, confident and committed partners in the pursuit of finding solutions to issues that can stymie entrepreneurial growth and success. Participating in…

Fresh Perspective

Find a Fresh Perspective and Get Your Business Back on Track»

Sometimes the answer to a small business problem is looking right at you—but you just can’t see it. That’s when WESST Regional Manager Clint Reecer tells owners it’s time to get a fresh perspective.


Are credit cards, personal loans and other debts cutting into your profits?»

If you’re using debt products like this for your business, your best bet is to pay them down as quickly as possible, and then close the accounts when they are paid off.

new year

Three New Year Resolutions Business Owners Should Keep»

As the New Year begins, many entrepreneurs are thinking about what their business can do better in 2015. While each individual business has different improvements they are able to make, here are three universally applicable “New Year’s Resolutions” every business owner should make a point to keep.


Plan For ‘Seasonality’ is Foundation for Business Success»

Just like the vendors that come and go with the Balloon Fiesta, many businesses experience months of both high and low sales volume depending on the time of year. This concept is referred to as the “seasonality of sales,” and planning for it accurately is a critical component of successful business ownership.


Part 4: 10 Items You Won’t Easily Learn About When You Register a Business in NM»

One of the most difficult and complicated facets of owning a business is addressing employee issues. Aside from the entire Human Resources function, payroll reporting can be complex and costly. Before ever writing that first employee’s payroll check, business owners should confirm and identify that the person working for them is considered an “employee” under federal statutory guidelines.