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No more free lunch

Don’t Give Your Business Away»

All too often, family and friends of business owners expect (and receive) free services and/or products. Over time, these giveaways could cause the owner to eventually lose the business.

Putting Your Customers First

Putting Your Customers First Can Put Your Company on Top»

When asked to describe his company’s “bread and butter,” one service business owner answered, “my expertise with chemicals and my certifications.” When asked the same question, a competitor replied…

perfect pitch

Three Tips for Delivering the Perfect Pitch in 30 Seconds»

How many times have you been asked to tell about yourself or your business only to stumble over your own words or hem and haw? It is embarrassing to say…


Invest in Yourself and Your Business»

A common mistake that small business owners make is failing to take the time to invest in themselves and their businesses, prior to startup and during growth of the business. Unfortunately, years later, those same owners may not be ahead in the sense of investments, industry changes, trend shifts, market changes, or business analyses.

Comcast Digital Media Studio at WESST

Big Green Structure Arrives at WESST Enterprise Center»

What’s 16’ tall, green, smooth and techy, and whose name reminds you of your therapist? It’s a cyc wall, known in the film and advertising communities as a cyclorama wall. And what good is that you ask? The easiest explanation is to use your local TV weather forecaster as an example.

Montezuma Ball

WESST and the Montezuma Ball: An Amazing and Grand Opportunity»

One of the most generous of gestures in our community comes from Jim Long, owner of Heritage Hotels and Resorts, and the Montezuma Ball, through the New Mexico Multi-Cultural Foundation.

some things never change

Back Where It All Began»

A recent chance meeting with one of WESST’s first loan clients (from the early 1990s) provided one of the best testimonials about the amazing effect an experience at WESST can have on our clients.

Resolving Conflict

Resolving Conflict and a Lack of Productivity in the Workplace»

Like so many other people, Sue hates conflict. However, a problem untreated only grows bigger, and if it does not change, the results will continue to be the same or worse. It is a manager’s responsibility to consider the company (her employer) first.

outside the box

Thinking Outside of the Box (a Technique for Marketing)»

The term, “Thinking Out of the Box,” is one of the most overused and under-appreciated phrases in modern marketing. In fact, most people would define the term as “a different way, of thinking, from the norm.” However, the problem lies in asking and answering, “What is the norm?”

skin in the game

The Ultimate Buy-In»

They say that you shouldn’t invest in an organization in which the participants don’t have “skin in the game”. There was a classic story told in which a group was meeting with an investment company to decide if they should make an investment in that company. The group asked the company where the employees had their own personal money. When told the employees had their money in bonds and other investment vehicles other than the investment company at issue, the group left the meeting. Nothing more needed to be said. Why should outsiders invest if those on the inside aren’t investing?