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What Happens in a WESST Consulting Appointment?»

One service WESST offers to small business owners is one-on-one consulting. Whether you have the beginnings of an idea for a small business start-up, or have been in business for thirty years, we can help you with information and tools to help you create strategies, solve problems, and move your business forward. Here are answers to some common questions about WESST’s consulting services.

Workplace Behavior

When Employees Go Wild: How to Prevent Outrageous Workplace Behavior»

Several stories have appeared in the news lately about employee behavior that seems to almost defy belief. You’d think people would know better by now, right? Here’s what many small business owners don’t realize.


Part 4: What Every Successful Business Owner Should Know About Their Business»

In this last installment of “The Four Things Every Business Owner Must Know About His Business,” I’ve saved the best for last: paying attention to team tasks and rewarding excellence.

Customer Profile

Part 3: What Every Successful Business Owner Should Know About Their Business»

Many businesses don’t take careful enough aim with their marketing and advertising. As a consequence, they get the results they do with amazing accuracy. The problem is that the results are often far from ideal. Business owners who carefully define their ideal customer will attract far more of them for lower cost and, arguably, less effort. The trick is simple – know what you’re looking for.

cash flow

Part 2: What Every Successful Business Owner Should Know About Their Business»

After creating the business development plan (outlined in my previous post), the second thing I believe the smart business owner must come to grips with is the daily cash flow break-even sales point. No rocket science here. If a business is to thrive, “cash in must exceed cash out.”

business development plan

Part 1: What Every Successful Business Owner Should Know About Their Business»

A client recently asked me a very good question: What are the most important minimum basics she must keep in mind if she’s going to be building a better business? What a great question! Here’s my best shot at the answer and it boils down to just four items.

house of cards

5 Cautionary HR Lessons from “House of Cards”»

I recently got drawn into Netflix’s new original series, House of Cards, and watched every episode avidly until the cliffhanger conclusion (and now can hardly wait for the next season to be released!). In addition to providing great entertainment, the show provided a great lesson for managers on how NOT to handle a problem with an insubordinate employee. Watchers of the show will know I’m referencing the way that Claire Underwood, the super-stylish, calculating nonprofit director, handled the insubordination of her pregnant employee, Gillian Cole.

social media

Why a Social Media Strategy is Important»

At WESST, when consulting with clients on business and marketing planning, we recommend: strategy first, tools second. What that means is that you have to understand what it is you want your business to accomplish before you go out and start engaging in different tactics (such as advertising, setting up social media channels, etc). It’s important for every business to have an overall strategy/plan, from which the marketing plan would flow from which the social media plan would flow.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

A Monumental Celebration in Taos»

On March 25, 2013, President Barack Obama signed a proclamation establishing the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument just north of Taos. This past Saturday, a standing-room-only crowd of enthusiastic Taoseños gathered at Taos Mesa Brewing to celebrate alongside some of the political dignitaries who helped make the historic designation possible.

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Directory of Women’s Organizations in New Mexico»

There are numerous associations and organizations based in New Mexico that support women in achieving their personal and professional success — whether through their jobs and careers or small business ownership.