Job Openings

Color Theory Project Coordinator

Position Overview:
The Color Theory Project Coordinator will work in collaboration with Color Theory partner’s leaders and staff, RGCDC
staff, contractors, partner organizations and volunteers to assist, support, and guide project participants in the Color
Theory project goals. This position in coordination with the Color Theory leadership team will also develop and
implement program improvements and assist with a variety of general operations functions as needed.

The Color Theory Project Coordinator will report to RGCDC’s Operations Director in collaboration with Color Theory
initiative partners’ leaders. The goal of this position is to coordinate project day to day functions to ensure project goals
are met.

Primary responsibilities, in addition to any other support services as deemed fit for the position:

  • Oversee day to day initiative activities.
  • Oversee Color Theory Navigators performance and deliverables.
  • Plan, coordinate, and facilitate Color Theory partner meetings ensuring notes are properly documented and
    action items are executed.
  • Support Evaluator to ensure project goals are properly measured.
  • Manage and ensure the maintenance of the databases, generate and upkeep reporting for Finance Department.
  • Represent partner organizations with stakeholders and community.
  • Engage in ongoing professional development and knowledge-building around services offered in the ecosystem.
  • In collaboration with Navigators, provide Color Theory partners with consistent and regular reporting regarding client access to services, including but not limited gathering and recording client feedback about initiative partners’ services, initiative resources, training opportunities, metric collection, etc. in database software.
  • In collaboration with Color Theory partners, manage and strategically implement Marketing and project development efforts to include but not limited to social media, marketing collateral, and educational materials, and being brand ambassador at promotional events as needed.
  • Support the efforts (co-create) of developing and maintaining sustainable system operations.
  • Other tasks as mutually agreed but deemed necessary for the well-being of the organization.

Skills and core attributes:

We are seeking an energetic, positive, community-minded professional who has a constant attitude to grow professionally and is willing to do their best to make our communities happier and healthier places to live in.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field, or in place of a degree, demonstration of comparable experience that is directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified. Substitution on a year-by-year basis.
  • Understanding of entrepreneurial requirements, especially the challenges experienced by marginalized entrepreneurs of color who face additional barriers to successful business development, and business management required.
  • Bilingual preferred, but not required (Priority languages: Spanish, French, Navajo, or Keres language).
  • Impeccable attention to detail while carrying out multiple tasks.
  • Time management ability, organized and forward-thinking perspectives, can work diligently to ensure deadlines are met, and ability to think creatively – “outside the box”.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, and ability to identify new program improvements, partners, and collaborative opportunities.
  • Organized, comfortable in coordinating projects, thrives in a dynamic and fast paced environment.
  • Strong verbal and writing skills.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Ability to travel one or two times a year for national conference and organization’s retreat.
  • Proficient computer skills (i.e. MS Office, Google Workspace, Adobe, and CRM software).
  • Proficient database management system knowledge.
  • Takes initiative and requires minimal supervision.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Lived experience as an entrepreneur or has worked directly with entrepreneurs preferred.
  • Able to self-advocate and set boundaries.
  • Existing knowledge of initiative partners’ work and services are a bonus.
  • Is comfortable with ambiguity and has agency to voice needs to implement goals.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Sitting for extended periods
    • Must have excellent hearing, vision, and hand-eye coordination
    • Lots of typing – repetitive motions of hands, fingers, and wrists (typing)
    • Must be able to stand, walk and lift up to 25 pounds
    • Must be able to drive (primarily local travel)
    • Local travel

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be able to pass a background check, motor vehicle checks and drug/alcohol screening.
  • Since this job requires driving, it is considered a safety sensitive position which means that medical and recreational marijuana are not considered exemptions to our drug testing program.
  • Must have reliable smart phone
  • Must have flexibility to work outside of regular work hours.

To Apply:

Please apply through Color Theory website.  No phone calls please.