WESST Clients:
Santa Fe Region

The Santa Fe Sewing Studio

The Santa Fe Sewing Studio

Poly fleece hats and accessories for adults and kids.

Dancing Turtle Sudios LLC

Dancing Turtle Studios, LLC

Cande specializes in enamel on copper tiles which are turned into framed mosaic artwork and a popular line of inspiring enameled Mosaic jewelry.

Superior Casting Services

Superior Casting Services (SCS)

Superior Casting Services provides precious/non-precious metal manufacturing with the faultless workmanship that can only be gained through 16+ years of experience. SCS specializes in jewelry and executive level gifts.

Leah Chavez

Peaceful Pet Sitters, LLC

Pet Check Technology™ provides you with a secure, personalized schedule-management page to help you manage your dog-walking or pet-sitting schedule.

Sarah Newberry Ceramics

Sarah Newberry Ceramics

Sarah strives to create work that is easy to use, comfortable, and playful. Starting with the wheel and altering the thrown vessel form gives lively personality and movement to her pottery while a playful design on the surface completes each piece.

Gail Golden Jewelry

Gail Golden Jewelry

In her state-of-the-art studio, Gail designs and creates her one of a kind collection of fine jewelry ensembles that combine semi-precious and precious stones with a range of metals.

Melanie Kirby and Mark Spitzig

Zia Queenbee Co.

Melanie has committed 15 years to educating herself and others interested in learning about beekeeping as a hobby or business. Her education began as a Peace Corps volunteer offering Beekeeping Extension Services throughout the world.

Kamala Easton

Kamala Easton

Kamala’s niche is her embodiment of a spiritual and passionate black woman who embraces and shares her extensive experience via the written and spoken word. She has worked with and learned from some of the most renowned spiritual teachers in India.

Krysia Boinis

Vapour Organic Beauty

Krysia Boinis has much to be thankful about these days. The last couple of years have been of whirlwind of success for the young Taos, New Mexico-based entrepreneur and long-time WESST client.

Matt Kreitman and Robbie Lipworth

Groundfloor, LLC

With limited funding in the early stages of the business, the entrepreneurs were flexible and strategic with their business decisions. Initially, only pocket change was invested in their fledgling business and work took place at a metal picnic table in an old cider bottling plant.