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WESST Small Business Loans Include a Bonus: Support to Help You Succeed

One of the obstacles most commonly reported by entrepreneurs — particularly first-time business owners — is the difficulty obtaining capital to start or expand a business. WESST helps to fill this gap by providing small business loans for women and other entrepreneurs who encounter this difficulty. As a microlender, we specialize in financing viable businesses that don’t meet the criteria of banks or other traditional lenders.

Our small business financial services offer several advantages over other micro-lending operations in the state:

  • WESST is one of only three select micro-lenders in New Mexico that can provide an SBA small business loan.
  • Our loan program focuses on providing critical business consulting, training, technical assistance and other support services to our loan recipients, in order to maximize their chances of success.
  • Our small business loan rates and fees are extremely competitive, and often the lowest available.

The value of the support services that we provide to our loan recipients is evidenced by the extremely low default rate on our small business loans.

Our loan platform includes the following programs:

WESST Loan Fund Program – Loans to help facilitate either the start-up or growth of small businesses that are unable to obtain financing through traditional loan sources. View the Eligibility Requirements for a WESST loan.

Technology Toolkit Loan Program – Loans to purchase computer related software, computer devices and/or to cover the costs associated with setting up or enhancing a business website, low interest rate and accelerated application process. More information on Technology Toolkit loans >>

Small Loan Program – Business loans of up to $500 for the purpose of building a positive credit history or to improve an existing score.

To start a loan inquiry process, fill out our Small Business Loan Inquiry. Also, review our Training section which describes our course offerings and a calendar of classes offered at each WESST regional office. 

Here are a few examples of our loans from January – May 2018:

Loan DescriptionRegion

$9,826 yoga studio (Central Loan Program)


$7,309 retail – women’s & children’s clothing
(Central Loan Program)


$15,000 ice cream franchise (Central Loan Program)


$7,751 pizza restaurant (Central Loan Program)


$25,000 nail salon


$3,000 marketing consulting


$3,000 auto detailing


$9,930 IT service company


$6,000 women’s wear


$9,000 mobile skateboard shop


$10,000 soap manufacturer