Financial Wellness at WESST

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At WESST, we profoundly understand that our typical client – underserved and underrepresented New Mexicans of color, women and others- have a relationship with money that may be complex and profoundly in need of improvement. Our Financial Wellness programs, classes, and events promote the understanding and application of using personal and business finances to maximize the likelihood that anyone who utilizes WESST’s services can develop a healthy relationship with their money in order to establish stable and satisfying personal and business finance scenarios in their daily lives now and for the future.

Our well-rounded and comprehensive Financial Wellness Programs promote the accurate understanding and proper application of using money to increase the likelihood that New Mexicans in need will develop the skills they need to succeed in business and life.

Consider these facts about the American populace from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

  • Seven out of ten Americans report that financial stress is their most common cause of stress.
  • Almost half (48%) say they find dealing with their financial situation stressful.
  • If an emergency strikes, Americans and their families also have few resources to fall back on.
  • 60% of households still have less than three months of savings on hand.
  • Even when the economy was booming, financial stress was sapping the productivity and hurting the health of millions of Americans.

Please check our Trainings for upcoming classes on Financial Wellness topics. Examples of past and present offerings include:

  • Credit Builder Bootcamps
  • Como Establecer y Reparar Su Credito
  • Learn the Language of Your Business Finances
  • Money Management
  • Understanding Your Credit Score
  • Basic Business Bookkeeping with QuickBooks
  • How to Create (and Stick to!) a Household Budget
  • And many, many more!

Check our Events Page for upcoming Financial Wellness events at your nearest WESST location. Examples of past and present offerings include:

  • Money Smart Week Kickoff Event
  • Introduction to the Money Learning Lab
  • Financial Topic “Lunch & Learns”
  • Credit Rebuilding Program Orientations and Information Nights
  • Microloan Program Orientations
  • And many, many more!

One–on-One Consulting is always available regarding any of the following Financial Wellness topics:

  • Personal and household budgeting
  • Consumer credit building
  • Consumer debt reduction
  • Student loan repayment management
  • Emergency and short-term savings
  • Spending behaviors and consumer attitudes
  • Financial goal setting
  • Financial crisis management
  • And much, much, more!

The Money Learning Lab brings small business makers, doers and dreamers together to access tools that will help build their business. Find out more.