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Albuquerque Region Client ProfileCorona’s Cabinets

Remedios Corona

Remedios Corona has been a craftsman all of his life – from beginning his craft in Mexico to working with contractors in Albuquerque, he has always been passionate about woodworking and carpentry. In 2015, Remedios decided to turn his craft into a small business designing and crafting custom cabinets, doors, shelves and more for homes throughout New Mexico. Being most comfortable speaking Spanish, he was intent on finding a resource that provided services and support in Spanish so he could successfully navigate the process of starting a business.

Remedios was introduced to WESST through the IDA program during which he learned about the Credit Builder microloan program that he could use to establish credit as a new business owner. With guidance and support from WESST, he learned more about developing a business plan and cashflow projections, as well as tips for improving his personal credit. After working with a bilingual loan officer to complete his application, Remedios was able to receive the loan he needed to build his business credit and become a successful business owner.