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Rio Rancho Region Client ProfileG5 Training

Don Schlichte

Don Schlichte, a former pastor and local real estate entrepreneur, started G5Training in 2015. After realizing that his own financial knowledge wasn’t sufficient enough to create the lifestyle he wanted, Don started down a path of financial self-education that would ultimately change his core beliefs about money. As Don increased his own financial intelligence, he realized that many other people feel “stuck” in the same kind of economic situation he was in, and set out to develop a training program that could help others develop the mindset and skills they need to generate their own financial success. It was that need that created G5t, a training course designed to revive financial hope and inspire life changes.

Don first came to WESST in need of assistance with marketing his program, and exploring other ways to deliver his curriculum to more customers. After many meetings and lots of hard work, Don was recently able to launch his course in an online learning platform, and has refined his sales strategy to more effectively target the organizations and consumers that can promote his business. Don was also able to publish his first book, Pessimistic Christians, which explores the tensions between Christian teachings and financial behavior.