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Albuquerque Region Client ProfileRebellis Development Group, LLC


Rebellis Development Group, LLC provides information technology, cyber security, and professional technology services to all sectors of government and private industry. They are an Albuquerque ¬based, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a Minority Owned Small Business dedicated to providing secure technology solutions that increase client effectiveness through intelligent and strategic methods. From inception, Rebellis has been focused on delivering New Mexico Veterans and Native Americans with competitive paying technology careers, offering the best benefit plans, and allowing every team member the opportunity to volunteer in the communities they work and live in.

The co-owners of Rebellis, Darrell and Kevin, met 10 years ago while working on government contracts on Kirtland Airforce Base. After Darrell’s military retirement in 2015, he moved back to Albuquerque where both he and Kevin worked as program managers. They reconnected and eventually both accepted positions at a small local IT/Cyber Security company that was later acquired by a larger firm. To meet aggressive profit projections, the larger company began downsizing operations. In October 2017, jokingly, they met at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football and start a business. While there they came up with the idea for their company. They scribbled some things on a napkin and called it their official agreement to get the business started. Darrell and Kevin signed the napkin and started tossing ideas around for a name. A couple of weeks later Darrell received a call from a friend who heard that he and Kevin were starting their own business. The friend called them “a bunch of rebels.” Coincidentally, they received the call while driving in Kevin’s truck which is a Ram Rebel. The idea caught on, and they tossed around versions of the word rebel. Darrell said it would sound great in Latin, which is Rebellis. By December 27th, the Rebellis Development Group, LLC was created. And it all started off with beers, football and riding in a truck.

Their biggest challenge was raising enough capital to start the business and hire more personnel. In addition, while they both had extensive personal experience, they had the challenge of establishing past performance history for the company so they could secure government contracts. Lastly, federal contracting has such a long life cycle, it can take up to 18 months to get a contract awarded, a long lead time while starting a business. To date, they have invested $20,000 out of their personal savings in their business. Darrell and Kevin agreed that they did not want to get a formal loan, so they use their personal credit cards to make it work.

Being accepted into the WESST Incubation Program has helped build their credibility as a company. Thanks to WESST’s Veteran Scholarship Program that reduces membership fees by 50% for the first 3 months, they now have a professional place to call home. Darrell and Kevin received one-on-one consulting from WESST to establish their branding and develop their marketing materials. They also received help with QuickBooks and have been able to use WESST’s referral process to connect with a vetted tax attorney. Darrell and Kevin have enthusiastically taken advantage of the networking opportunities that come with WESST. Their persistence has helped them become a standout name in the community. Darrell feels that being at the WESST Enterprise Center has given their business clout in the community.

The dream of entrepreneurship for Darrell and Kevin is defined by self-employment and the ability to put their employees first and provide them with great benefits. They are actively building the company that everyone wants to work for, the model for other companies.