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Roswell Region Client ProfileWild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair

Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair

From working for Price’s Truck Stop to doing oil changes in the driveway, the decision to open Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair in the old Price’s Truck Stop location seemed like the right thing to do. Their work ethic, experience, and knowledge provided the necessary foundation. Marty Lightfoot knew the books, and Chris Martinez had the mechanical background they needed to be successful. All they had to do was take on the liability of running a business with day to day activities such as managing employees, cash flow and expenses, looking at the right time to expand or grow, and making the necessary decisions regarding that growth. It was a lot to take on, but ten years ago, they made that decision, and as the saying goes, the rest is history!

Marty and Chris have been friends for quite some time and respect and trust each other. They have common goals to balance their work and private lives. They have strong family interests and decided to balance work and personal life and be the best they could be. Since Chris’s daughter is very active in sports, he wanted to attend her events. And Marty had two weddings last fall and a husband with a significant medical issue, and by owning their own business, they have both been able to spend the necessary time in attending to family needs.

Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair is one of the only locations in the surrounding area that offers big rig repair. They provide ongoing maintenance contracts for company fleets with mechanical expertise to handle specific repairs as well as general mechanics to do the routine maintenance such as oil changes. They faced a difficult loss at the end of 2019 when their parts manager, who had been with them for about ten years, passed away. That loss meant Chris had to step up and fill that position along with his other duties.

Chris and Marty have been clients of WESST since 2003, attending both training and consulting sessions. So, when they needed help on a recent proposal, they knew to contact WESST.  “We work on and in our business and handle our day to day activities; however, when something new pops up, we know we can reach out to WESST. We had just such a project recently. We had a short timeframe to respond, and working with Rhonda very closely allowed us to meet the deadline. We couldn’t have prevailed without Rhonda’s consistent communication and direction..” Both Marty and Chris said they would work with Rhonda and WESST again on anything that comes their way.