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Cell Phone Doctor

Cell Phone Doctor is a family-owned business serving the greater Gallup community and the Navajo Nation. Cell Phone Doctor sells new and factory refurbished phones and services all brands of cell phones and tablets. They sell several cell phone models, including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Android and PlayStation, and Xbox gaming systems. Cell Phone Doctor can also network unlock phones and complete basic repairs on phones, tablets, computers, and game systems.

The WESST Farmington Women’s Business Center has provided extensive one-on-one consultation sessions focusing on cash flow and financial work. Working with the consultant and trainer Holly Patterson, Robert has learned how to use digital marketing tools to improve his social media postings and has created marketing strategies to help him grow his target markets. WESST has also helped Robert create an inventory tracking process to determine the value of his merchandise from month to month. This allows Robert to know when to order inventory instead of overstocking and losing profits if items sit too long on his store shelving. Most recently, Robert worked with Melissa Toland Williams, Loan Operations Officer with WESST, to improve his personal credit through credit counseling. After a few months of working with Melissa, Robert significantly increased his credit score. He called WESST to inquire about a loan for a new piece of equipment, and shared that he analyzed his cashflow and that his business could justify this new purchase. We were thrilled to see him applying his cashflow knowledge so masterfully! Robert was approved for the loan, got the new piece of equipment, and was able to pay the loan back within a few months.

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Robert Slover


Cell Phone Doctor

"I want to thank each of you for all the tips and help you have given to me. I’ve learned a lot in these few months and learned much more from the cash flow chart. I hope we can work more together to make my business the best one out there."
Robert Slover
Gallup, NM

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