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Golden Anderson Studios

Golden Anderson Studios is a working studio and showroom specializing in original handmade jewelry, expert jewelry repair, and custom jewelry design.

David started making jewelry in 1982, Gail started making jewelry in 2000. They met in a jewelry class and joined forces after marrying in 2008. Each was making jewelry part-time while working elsewhere. They were able to make their business full-time in 2017.

Both Gail and David have attended workshops given by WESST over the years, including how to set up Etsy shops, improving social media presence, Perfect Pitch class, and the yearlong RBEG training. They have also consulted one on one with a WESST business consultant concerning specific issues. Through education, trial and error, Gail and David adapted their business to become more profitable and meet clients’ needs. They identified their strengths and weaknesses, cultivated the strengths, and studied competitors to develop their strategy of offering unique services. This “branding” process led them to offer products and services that set them apart. Specifically a working studio and showroom open to visitors, expert jewelry repair, repurposing the client’s old jewelry into something new, custom jewelry design ranging from humble to extravagant, and a wide price point offering that offers value.

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Gail Golden and Dave Anderson


Golden Anderson Studios

"WESST has been the most influential and helpful resource in growing our business over the years. By providing free training, consultation, and access to other nonprofit partners and opportunities, WESST has helped us realize our potential for now and the future."
Gail Golden
Arroyo Seco, NM

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