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Jean Manz Coaching, LLC

Jean Manz is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the profession.  Beginning her counseling career soon after earning her Master’s degree and credentials, Jean is a people-oriented professional with a passionate heart for clients and their well-being.

Jean Manz Coaching, LLC is a new personal coaching practice headquartered in the San Juan College Business Incubator.  The practice is primarily focused on serving public school teachers as groups and individuals.  The practice helps teachers acquire and implement new skills and approaches to the classroom that result in a teacher’s increased energy and passion for the craft and better classroom outcomes.

Jean has always enjoyed her chosen career field of counseling.  However, the desire to expand her practice and work outside the boundaries of a medical insurance reimbursement model has intrigued her for a number of years.  Building a new practice with the creative freedom to serve a market niche that values her skills is both highly satisfying and potentially very profitable.  Having the practice located in the San Juan College Business Incubator provides her with ready access to a variety of business support resources including WESST.

For Jean, expanding her business presented a variety of challenges that, with WESST’s assistance, she has or is overcoming.  These challenges include: 

  1. Organizational Formation Details;
  2. Mission and Vision refinement;
  3. Market Research;
  4. Product Development; and,
  5. Follow-on Marketing.

Jean offers her clients a very valuable service.  Teaching is hard work and Jean helps teachers perform at their very best.  Teachers leave her group and individual sessions enthused, energized and equipped with practical tools that assist them with peak in-class performance.  Better equipped teachers who are enthused about the important mission they serve result in better learning outcomes and a better community.

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Jean Manz


Jean Manz Coaching, LLC

"I am grateful for the insights and guidance I received from Chris Hunter at WESST and appreciate how he helped me to evaluate a business viability and instead make a pivot to start my own business."
Jean Manz
Farmington, NM

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