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Kamala Easton

Kamala Easton is an intriguing woman and a motivated entrepreneur.

Kamala’s niche is her embodiment of a spiritual and passionate black woman who embraces and shares her extensive experience via the written and spoken word. She has worked with and learned from some of the most renowned spiritual teachers in India. She has combined her conventional yet alternative medical education and hands-on expertise as an Intuitive. She has developed a means to communicate with and help transform others. She embraces technology to help her achieve her outreach goals. She helps people learn how to spiritually transform themselves to enjoy life and experience higher levels of success in all arenas.

At WESST, we first met Kamala in 2008 when she was exploring options and growth opportunities for her line of clothing that she created while visiting and living in India. At that time she employed a primary tailor in India, seven seamstresses overseas and one seamstress and a sales person in the states. She was profitable and productive.

While in India, the clothing business flourished as did her interest and commitment to spirituality. Then, five years ago, Kamala suffered a serious injury – a broken back – while in India. She needed to focus her energy on healing herself. Her clothing business languished and was eventually liquidated to cover her living expenses as she healed herself.

Overcoming a physcial injury guided Kamala on a path to spiritually transforming others.

As she healed, Kamala realized that her evolving and merging experiences, expertise and education in divergent arenas afforded her a unique opportunity to return to her true passion: bringing spirituality to the lives of others as a way to help them heal themselves.

Today, Kamala’s business has evolved from clothing manufacturer, retail sales and motivational speaker to focusing her considerable energies on the her spiritual workshops, “Embodying the Goddess” and ”Embodying Spirit: Journey towards Enlightenment” , and the completion of her first book, “Autobiography of a Yogini: A Black Woman’s Love Affair With her Guru.” which was published in late 2012. The book is the story of Kamala’s spiritual transformation and mystical and tempestuous 7-year relationship with one of the world’s most renowned gurus, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Kamala has two new books in progress. As her market awareness expands, she will develop other products that enhance an individual’s exploration of their spirituality.

One of her next goals is to open a healing/teaching center focusing on women who were abused as children with the goal of healing their hearts so that the cycle of abuse can end. For the past year, Kamala has been filmed for a proposed national TV series on healer’s in the Santa Fe area; She has also been featured on a number of radio talk shows.

For the first twenty years of her amazing career, Kamala was intensely involved in the academic world as both a researcher and administrator. She had a flourishing healing practice in Malibu, California and was also an energy healer/member of UCLA’s Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine Pediatric Pain Program. Kamala received her undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley and her PhD from UCLA.

As Kamala’s practice grew, she became increasingly focused on her own and her client’s spirituality. Fourteen years ago, she began visiting India to enhance and increase her understanding of the spiritual world while simultaneously creating and building her clothing business and exporting her products to the United States.

WESST has helped Kamala on her ongoing evolution as a healer and entrepreneur

As her evolution progressed, Kamala began working closely with WESST to help her follow her passion. Profitable pricing is an issue for all entrepreneurs and Kamala was no exception. Placing monetary value on the incredible breadth and depth of knowledge she brings to individuals is difficult since so much is based on very personal experiences. She is making her speaking, writing and intuitive business productive and profitable.

Kamala attended numerous workshops on business growth and social media. WESST staff and Kamala had intense one-on-one meetings to brainstorm, provide constructive suggestions and generally explore growth opportunities and options. Her passionate pursuit of new and evolving skill sets has reaped results. She is now a published author with a growing market; she has a very polished and professional media kit and is engaged in speaking events and workshops throughout the country while considering other logical product development initiatives.

Online and on-phone client consultation sessions connect her to the world. Her client base is growing and they have the discretionary income to afford her consultations. Referrals from satisfied clients keep rolling in. Her Embodying the Goddess website and social media skills have increased dramatically as a result of her interaction with WESST and other professionals in the business development arenas.

Kamala redefined her target audience for workshops and speaking engagements to focus on those individuals most likely to be engaged by her messages regarding spirituality. Yoga events emerged as a perfect fit. She participated in two statewide events hosted by WESST to help clients reach a broader consumer marketplace. Workshop attendees love her warmth, meaningful insights and compassion. Being accessible online and on-phone have increased her reach to clients on a worldwide basis.

Most recently Kamala presented at the Austin Yoga festival and spoke at the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle. Her speaking calendar is growing to the extent that she has hired two part-time assistants to schedule her engagements, book her travel and keep her from over-committing to the world she loves to help – the world of people seeking their spiritual core. Testimonials to the value of her work abound. Her Spiritual Intuitive readings – accessible worldwide – are transformative.

In addition to being an accomplished and evolving entrepreneur, Kamala extends her love of life and learning to family and friends. She is a proud grandmother, a Kundalina yoga teacher and has been featured on both PBS and the Discovery Channels as a healer.

Kamala’s ability to transform her own strengths into a commercially viable business without compromising her core values has been challenging and rewarding. Overcoming physical injury, major financial setbacks and emerging strong and compelling make Kamala a success story worth noting. Simply stated – she’s a terrific example for entrepreneurs everywhere – depth, tenacity and the desire to help others heal is very powerful in today’s world.

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Kamala Easton


Kamala Easton


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