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Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy Co.

Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy Co. is the State of New Mexico’s only African American-owned Compounding Pharmacy. Our planet is home to over 7 billion humans, each individual and unique. Olive Tree Compounding is unique in offering individualized treatments through medications specifically engineered to suit each patient’s customized needs. If you’ve ever asked your doctor, “Is there more than a pill?” Well, the answer is yes! Dr. Okpareke can even help your pets with medication in the form of a flavored treat. “No matter how complex your medicinal needs may be, we provide individualized solutions.” Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy can fill prescriptions using topical creams, ointments, gels, suppositories, lollipops, troches, suspensions, and more.

Dr. Ndidiamaka (Didi) Okpareke began her professional career after graduating with honors from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, class of 2008. With an extensive background in hospital and retail pharmacy, firm knowledge in pediatric, neonatal, general surgery, and geriatric pharmaceutical care. She embarked on her dream to become an entrepreneur in January 2016. Endowed with the mission to provide customized pharmaceutical care, one client at a time, Dr. Okpareke knew the only way forward was to create the Pharmacy of her dreams.

Dr. Okpareke is no stranger to a world that has not always celebrated her accomplishments. To date, she has overcome many hurdles to become a respected authority in the medical field of Pharmacy. Access to capital was one of the first challenges; after an arduous divorce, a potential lender even advised her to give up her dream and declare bankruptcy. Through each obstacle she persevered, quitting was not an option. Some days she is still confronted with a customer who will ask for the “real doctor” even when she has introduced herself as “Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke.” I guess in someone’s wildest dreams “Black” woman doctors don’t exist. But she shines on “This is when I remember my strength in being an educated, beautiful black woman and a doctor!”

Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke harnesses a strength that she feels can only come from on high. Her faith is the foundation for surviving times of trouble. To overcome economic challenges, she worked hard to learn every aspect of running her business. She learned the language of financial statements, marketing, and business development. With savings and her 401K she was able to invest in starting Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy Co. Additionally, she was able to secure a loan from the SBA. “I never leave a rock unturned.” As for those who are not comfortable because she is of African descent, her response is to hire more women of color until it becomes the new normal. “Our office is extremely diverse; my staff is East Indian, Native American, and Black.”

Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke’s relationship with WESST began in 2016 when she needed support with her marketing plan and guidance with completing financial statements. As her practice expanded to offering employment opportunities and with a new staff, she sought out assistance with the employee handbook. Most recently, she kicked off the Spring of 2022 as a featured guest on WESST’s podcast “Minding Your Business” and was a featured panelist during Women’s History Month for the launch of “Black Women Who Own It.”

Dr.  Ndidiamaka Okpareke lives her dream of entrepreneurship with a joy and passion that is contagious. She boldly proclaims, “I really like money.” More than loving money, she thrives in sharing her knowledge and success with anyone who desires to overcome adversity, dream big and have the discipline to achieve their goals.  She has a heart for people and is now able to cross borders to teach others both here in America and in Africa about how to transform their lives through business. She loves to travel with the freedom in knowing she has a team that manage things while she is abroad working on the next chapter of Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy. Dr. Okpareke strongly believes that through her transparency, she can show her children and others coming into the industry what it takes to be a successful black woman business owner.  Dr. Okpareke doesn’t just stop there, she is currently developing a full skincare line.

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Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke, PharmD RPh


Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy Co.

"Neema Pickett has been an incredible support to my business. Her deep knowledge of business ownership and expertise on entrepreneurship have been vital in helping me to leverage my resources to create a business structure that remains dominant and well-connected to our community. I am thankful for the services that she provides, and the awareness that she brings to opportunities fitting for Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy. I look forward to her continued mentorship and guidance."
Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke, PharmD RPh
Rio Rancho, NM

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